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Just Brilliant
John Roe Grimsby
By Bobo_Hun_xx
4 years 1 day ago
Always used my local Toyota dealer, whilst they may be a little more expensive than independent garages I find that their knowledge and experience can't be beaten.
Another great service
John Roe Grimsby
By Steve RW
4 years 2 days ago
As always extremely efficient and friendly, nothing too much trouble.
Good service
John Roe Grimsby
By Propman
4 years 6 days ago
Usually consist and good service
Wonderful services
John Roe Grimsby
By Ivan Soares
4 years 2 weeks ago
I have been in Toyota garage a few weeks ago and I am very happy
Service above and beyond!
John Roe Grimsby
By OneHappyAygoOwner
4 years 1 month ago
Collected my aygo after a very difficult fault was detected and rectified. The techs stripped my car down to the very last wire and even had a donor vehicle next to it to compare and contrast the wiring configuration. I was informed of the progress and I was delighted with not only my 100% working vehicle but the price which came in £700 less than an independent specialist had quoted! Don’t ever be afraid to approach this main dealer with any problems you may have. When they promise to do their best by you they really mean it. I’d not hesitate to recommend John Roe to anyone.